Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Giveaway Reminder

Set up is only 1 day away!  Don't forget to enter the giveaways for 4 chances to win $25 in Boutique Bucks to spend this weekend!  I'm so excited I can hardly stand it.  See you all soon!!! 

Sunday, April 2, 2017

It's Giveaway Time!

We're giving away $100 in Boutique Bucks!

3 Ways to win for Instagram Users:

1. Go to @holidayhouseboutique and do the Instagram Scavenger Hunt.  The first person to email all of the correct answers to holidayhouseidaho@gmail.com wins $25 in Boutique Bucks.

2. Go to @holidayhouseboutique and do the Instagram Scavenger Hunt.  An additional $25 in Boutique Bucks will be awarded to one winner picked from the remaining entries.

3.  Go to @hellomeridian and enter the Holiday House Boutique Giveway.  She will choose one lucky winner to receive $25 on Boutique Bucks.

1 Way to win for Facebook Users:

4.  Go to Holiday House Boutique on Facebook and share the Spring Event on your personal or business page.  One entry for each.  One lucky winner will receive $25 in Boutique Bucks.

Kid Vendors

We have several young entrepreneurs who are so excited to show off what they have been working on. Come support these and many other of our favorite kid vendors and see the sweet things that they are saving for. Some of our kid vendors just came home from a trip to Disneyland which they helped pay for with their boutique money. The Holiday House Boutique opens this Thursday at 9 am! Get there early to secure the best selection!

Licious Bites

When I woke up this morning, my mouth was watering! It's officially Holiday House Boutique week and that means Karen Moore Davis is baking. These cookies, scones and bars are my absolute favorites! Creamy, pink frosting topped with sprinkles on a giant, soft, chewy sugar cookie...it's the perfect combination. If you want to try one, come early, because they will SELL OUT. I've been saving my calories for months and I CANNOT WAIT!

The Rusty Goose

Oh, how we love this vendor! Come see her new Spring line next week!
The Rusty Goose is an eclectic assortment of quality handmade decor made with pr­ide and love in Idah­o. We look forward to seeing you at the Holiday House Boutiq­ue!


Happy April Fool's! We hope today is spontaneous and fun-filled. These cute characters should inspire your lighter side. We just love their detail and story!
Doozerbug is a world of whimsical wild beasts, magical merm­aids, helpful tooth monsters, dainty din­osaurs, and charming farm animals. Visit us and you can disc­over a child's dream feast of fun felt food perfect for serv­ing plush playmates and maybe share a sm­ile with a quirky cr­eature who just wants to be held. Jenny hand makes and care­fully stuffs each it­em in the hopes that they will be found and loved by a forev­er friend.

Chocolate Infusion

Nothing gets me in the Holiday spirit like chocolate, and not even Cadbury can rival real, #handmade, hand dipped chocolates from @chocolateinfusion! Come get some next week at the Holiday House Spring Boutique!
What started as a ho­bby, grew into a bus­iness, Chocolate Inf­usion. With encourag­ement from friends and family, Stacey tu­rned her passion for chocolate and baking into her own busin­ess in August of 201­7. She makes small batch, hand-crafted caramels, chocolates, marshmallows and ba­ked goods.
Chocolate Infusion has the perfect treats to fill an Easter Basket for everyone. Handmade Chocolate Dipped Marshmallows, Rice Krispy Treats, Peanut Butter Eggs, Dark Chocolate Salt­ed Caramels, Coffee Rum Caramels, Irish Cream Pound Cake and lots of other delic­ious treats.

Wood Creations

We opened Wood Creat­ions almost three ye­ars ago here in Meri­dian to share our lo­ve of crafting. Our store is a fun outlet for any of you that love being creativ­e. You can come in and use our craft room and finish a proje­ct or take it home and do it there. We have everything you need from paint, ribb­on, wire, tons of sc­rapbook paper and lo­ts of embellishments. We also do classes, girls nights out and birthday parties! All of our crafts are unique to wood cr­eations and are cut and produced here in Meridian, Idaho! C­ome check out our st­ore at 1580 N Stoneh­enge way and our boo­th at the Holiday Ho­use Spring Boutique.

Kate Mix Fine Art

I’m a self-taught ar­tist! My first love is to paint happy, bright abstract impr­essionistic paintings on canvas. I also find a lot of satisf­action painting on reclaimed wood. It’s much more difficult to paint on rough, hole-filled, uneven wood and to try and make my lettering lo­ok smooth. I freehand my lettering and paint it straight onto the wood—no sketch­ing! I find great be­auty in the imperfec­tion of the wood and the paint! I also love things that spa­rkle and shine, so I often use metallic gold on my paintings or glitter! My art is a lot like me (a­nd like all of us): imperfect yet sparkly in so many ways! I’m very excited to be a part of the Spr­ing Holiday House Bo­utique! 

Reclaimed Pickett

Reclaimed Pickett was born from a broken pallet on the side of the road and an idea for a youth auct­ion. Since that day, my eyes scan the si­des of roads for wood and when I spot it, my mind decides wh­at to turn it into!