Tuesday, January 28, 2014

A New Feature of the Holiday House Boutique

New for Spring 2014 we are offering 2 new ways to participate with us in our boutiques.

 #1  Made by Kids:  In this area, we will showcase the talents of budding, young artists and entrepreneurs.  If you have a son or a daughter who is creative and would like to try their hand at selling their work, please contact us for more information about our new 'Made by Kids' section. 

#2  Service Advertising:  We realize that there are many artists out there who provide services that cannot be bought at the boutique.  If you have a service business such as, dance lessons, catering, spray tanning, eyelashes, or even babysitting, consider setting out your cards, flyers or pamphlets for our customers to take.  If you would like more information about this area, please contact us at:  holidayhouseidaho@gmail.com.

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