Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Crafted N Stitched

My name is Andrea and I am the owner of Crafted N Stitched. I have a passion for creativity. I struggle with getting pregnant and while we were trying for our first, I had a really hard time as everyone around me seemed to be getting pregnant. I decided to start creating gifts for them. It helped me to find something to be excited for. Now I have two beautiful little girls here on earth, and I still love to create things for others. Being a mother is hard work sometimes, and spending time creating something gives me the time I need to relax and find my center. My most favorite thing to make is my interchangeable bow-tie onesies. They come with suspenders and tons of different bow-tie color options so I know you will love them too!


Wilhelm Duncan said...
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Wilhelm Duncan said...

It would be much cooler if you had here prices for those pieces. I’m not even talking about having pages on craigslist or ebay. Just prices and contact email should be good. Because, I personally don’t have time to visit your sale more than one or two times a year. However, items that I see here are so good that I just can’t stand. I hope that prices here will help me with that, shoot me down with overpricing or turn on my “I need it” mode with low prices. Like people did on

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