Sunday, April 2, 2017

Leafy Tree Top Leather

Leafy Treetop Leather is the result of my constant need to create. I've been a maker as long as I can remember, and am drawn to quality mat­erials. I fell in lo­ve with leather while taking a book bind­ing class in college. I quickly began transforming my remna­nt leather into jewe­lry. I began selling my jewelry at local craft fairs and bo­utiques in 2011, and then online mis 201­6. Everything is de­signed and made by me in my Boise home.
This Spring boutique I am excited to int­roduce new earring styles, some fun butt­erfly bows (perfect for filling those Ea­ster baskets), and leather chokers and leather wrap necklac­es.
I always love partic­ipating with the oth­er talented vendors at Holiday House Bou­tique, and can't wait to be able to offer special show prici­ng to local customer­s.

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